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Combi d’activités Ocean Junior


  • Fournisseur français 🇫🇷
  • Jeux & Obstacles intérieurs inclus

  • Soufflerie fournie

  • Livré prêt à l’emploi

  • Kit de réparation fourni

  • Certification PIPA

  • Classement feu M2

  • Garantie : 5 ans

  • Livraison et installation gratuite en France Métropolitaine


Combi d’activités Ocean Junior

Découvrez l’Aventure Oceanique des Structures Gonflables :

Dive into an oceanic adventure filled with fun and bouncing! 🌊🐠

Little mermaids, pirates, and sea explorers, set sail! The Ocean Odyssey Adventure Combi is here to turn the party into a boundless fun-fest. It’s not just an inflatable structure, but a whole underwater world waiting to be explored.

Features to delight all the little Nemos and Ariels:

  • Mystical Seashell Ball Pond: Hidden beneath the coral bridge lies a ball pit, a treasure reminiscent of Davy Jones’ locker!
  • Climb rocky reefs, slide down majestic waves: Navigate through algae-filled stairs, cross the dolphin bridge, and descend the majestic ocean wave slide.
  • Perfect for indoor shores: Standing at 2.5m tall, it’s ideal for indoor locations, transforming them into deep-sea havens.
  • Vibrant marine magic: Decked out in deep blues and teals with playful marine life motifs, it’s like diving into an aquatic wonderland.
  • Crystal clear observatories: While kids think they’re mingling with sea turtles, the clear visibility allows parents to keep a watchful eye on the sea delights.

Oceanic Specifications and Swirls:

  • Dimensions: L: 4m / 13.1ft x W: 5.3m / 17.4ft x H: 2.55m / 8.4ft
  • Slide Height: Dive from 1.5m into an oceanic dream!
  • Fans: 1 x Gibbons inflatable fan 1.5HP
  • Certification: PIPA certified because safety is paramount even in the ocean.

(Crab Tip: Treasures abound, but remember, the balls for the ball pit are an additional treasure sold separately.)

Inflatable Rental Businesses, are you ready to make a splash in the party scene?

With the Ocean Odyssey Combi from Structures Gonflables, each event becomes an enchanting marine getaway.

Questions or tales from the deep blue? Our marine sales team is here to help. Dive into the world of oceanic adventures with Structures Gonflables! 🌊🐠

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